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About Us

Fawzi Belal, M.S.  

Founder | Partner 

A strategist, consultant, and self-driven professional with a wealth of experience in sports leadership, education, and the inclusion & belonging space. Fawzi brings a strong experience in facilitation, coaching and community engagement, with a focus on equity, and a passion for addressing societal issues through cultural humility, building trust and promoting authenticity. The inspiration to engage in work that promotes and advocates for belonging stems from his personal story. As a teenage immigrant, Fawzi lived on survival mode with aspirations that didn’t go beyond working at a doughnut shop. From daunts to EDI was a direct impact of a few inclusion and belonging moments he experienced by others in the his surrounding.  These bright moments, in the mist of many  non-inclusive ones, created opportunities for an education, play and coach professional soccer, and become an unapologetic trauma informed leader in higher education, sports and healthcare.   

Fawzi had a deep belief in deliberate inclusive practices to bring out the best in everyone.  This can be done through collaboration and solution based approach to Equity, Inclusion & belonging.  

Image by Glen Carrie
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